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The Country of the Stars

Contemporary music for chorus

…lyrical, impassioned, ebullient… works by ten composers displaying the vitality and variety of contemporary choral music.


USK 1224CD

  • The Ionian Singers , Timothy Salter conductor
  • Philip Cashian :  Music for an empty sky
  • John Casken :  The land of spices
  • Timothy Salter :  The white and the walk of the morning (I Moonrise II [Untitled]
  •   III The caged skylark IV Inversnaid)
  • Simon Bainbridge :  Herbsttag
  • Colin Matthews :  A rose at Christmas
  • Douglas Young :  Canticle
  • Stephen Oliver :  O fons amoris
  • Howard Skempton :  Two poems of Edward Thomas (I Two pewits 2 Sowing)
  • Gabriel Jackson :  Lux mortuorum
  • Elisabeth Lutyens :  The country of the stars

Scandinavian Choral Music

Edvard Grieg, Jean Sibelius, Peter Erasmus Lange-Müller, Selim Palmgren, Wilhelm Stenhammar

Music from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden ranging from the haunting to the exuberant.

USK 1218CD

  • Matthew Brook baritone, Marianne Cotterill soprano, The Ionian Singers , Timothy Salter conductor
  • Peter Erasmus Lange-Müller :  Tre Madonnasange Op. 65
  • Edvard Grieg :  Fire Salmer Op. 74
  • Edvard Grieg :  Ave maris stella
  • Wilhelm Stenhammar :  Tre a cappella korsange
  • Selim Palmgren :  Kesäilta
  • Selim Palmgren :  Drömvisa
  • Selim Palmgren :  Kevätperhot
  • Jean Sibelius :  Män från slätten och havet Op.65a
  • Jean Sibelius :  Rakastava Op.14

Early One Morning

20 Traditional English Folk Songs

Poignant, lively, sad, witty – the richness of English folk song in Timothy Salter’s highly individual settings of musical distinction. Widely acclaimed and enjoyed by concert audiences in many countries.

USK 1215CD

  • The Ionian Singers , Charles Metcalfe tenor, Thalia Myers piano, Alexander Neal percussion, Timothy Salter conductor
  •   Early One Morning
  •   O Waly, Waly
  •   The Seeds of Love
  •   A Frog he Would a-Wooing go
  •   The Tailor and the Mouse
  •   The Frog and the Mouse
  •   Bonny at Morn
  •   Blow the Wind Southerly
  •   Elsie Marley
  •   Dashing away with the Smoothing Iron
  •   Widdecombe Fair
  •   O No John!
  •   The Oak and the Ash
  •   The Miller of the Dee
  •   The Trees so High
  •   The Willow Tree
  •   Cold Blows the Wind
  •   O Soldier, Soldier
  •   The Wraggle Taggle Gipsies
  •   Strawberry Fair

Love’s Tempest

C Hubert H. Parry, Charles Villiers Stanford, Edward Elgar, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Rich, late Romantic choral music – these secular songs, some long neglected, are amongst their composers’ finest achievements.

USK 1220CD

  • The Ionian Singers , Timothy Salter conductor
  • C Hubert H. Parry :  WHAT VOICE OF GLADNESS
  • C Hubert H. Parry :  SORROW AND PAIN
  • C Hubert H. Parry :  SINCE THOU, O FONDEST
  • C Hubert H. Parry :  O LOVE, THEY WRONG THEE MUCH
  • C Hubert H. Parry :  THERE ROLLS THE DEEP
  • Samuel Coleridge-Taylor :  THE EVENING STAR
  • Samuel Coleridge-Taylor :  THE SEA SHELL
  • Samuel Coleridge-Taylor :  ALL MY STARS FORSAKE ME from Op.67
  • Samuel Coleridge-Taylor :  THE LEE SHORE
  • Samuel Coleridge-Taylor :  SUMMER IS GONE
  • Edward Elgar :  LOVE'S TEMPEST Op.73 No.1
  • Edward Elgar :  THE PRINCE OF SLEEP
  • Edward Elgar :  THE FOUNTAIN Op.71 No.2
  • Edward Elgar :  GO, SONG OF MINE Op.57
  • Edward Elgar :  O WILD WEST WIND Op.53 No.3
  • Charles Villiers Stanford :  GOD AND THE UNIVERSE from song Op.97
  • Charles Villiers Stanford :  HERACLITUS Op.110 No.4
  • Charles Villiers Stanford :  THE SWALLOW Op.119 No.6
  • Charles Villiers Stanford :  ON TIME Op.142
  • Charles Villiers Stanford :  THE BLUEBIRD Op.119 No.3
  • Charles Villiers Stanford :  THE ANGLERS' SONG

Chains of Gold

Sacred Choral Music of the English Renaissance

Thomas Morley, Thomas Tomkins, Thomas Weelkes, William Byrd

The glory of the late English Renaissance, brilliantly displayed. Many of these works are unavailable in the current catalogue.

USK 1222CD / 1222MC

  • The Ionian Singers , Timothy Salter conductor
  • William Byrd :  Psallite Domino
  • William Byrd :  Laetentur coeli
  • William Byrd :  Unam petii a Domino
  • William Byrd :  Haec dies
  • William Byrd :  Save me, O God
  • William Byrd :  O salutaris hostia
  • William Byrd :  Alleluia. Ascendit Deus
  • Thomas Morley :  Gaude Maria Virgo
  • Thomas Morley :  Domine fac mecum
  • Thomas Morley :  Laboravi in gemitu meo
  • Thomas Morley :  Agnus Dei
  • Thomas Tomkins :  O Israel, if thou return
  • Thomas Tomkins :  Holy, holy, holy
  • Thomas Tomkins :  Withdraw not thou thy mercy
  • Thomas Tomkins :  Arise, O Lord, into thy resting place
  • Thomas Weelkes :  Gloria in excelsis Deo
  • Thomas Weelkes :  O mortal man
  • Thomas Weelkes :  When David heard
  • Thomas Weelkes :  O Jonathan
  • Thomas Weelkes :  O Lord arise

A Poem of Dancing

Timothy Salter’s paean to dancing, a setting of verses by the sixteenth century poet Sir John Davies. A richly dramatic performance conducted by the composer.



    • Jessica Townsend clarinet, The Ionian Singers , Timothy Salter conductor

    20th Century British Choral Music

    Alun Hoddinott, Elisabeth Lutyens, Elizabeth Maconchy, Jonathan Harvey, Thea Musgrave, Timothy Salter

    The rich diversity of contemporary British choral music displayed in performances of great vitality and presence.

    USK 1216CD

    • The Ionian Singers , Eric Jacobsen percussion , Thalia Myers piano , Timothy Salter conductor
    • Thea Musgrave :  Rorate Coeli
    • Jonathan Harvey :  I love the Lord
    • Jonathan Harvey :  Come, Holy Ghost
    • Alun Hoddinott :  Lady and Unicorn
    • Elizabeth Maconchy :  Sirens' Song
    • Elisabeth Lutyens :  Verses of Love
    • Timothy Salter :  Katharsios
    • Timothy Salter :  Eternity

    Lacrimae rerum

    cello, organ & chorus – text from Virgil’s Aeneid

    A powerful and haunting work, concerning the transience of mortal things and the spiritual significance of the natural world.

    USK 1223CDS

    • Paul Marleyn cello , Thalia Myers organ , The Ionian Singers , Timothy Salter conductor